Portable and compact mobility scooters

Designed for comfort and manoeuvrability, these lightweight scooters can help make your everyday journeys a real pleasure. Suitable for travel by car, train, aeroplane and on-board cruise ships.

The SupaScoota is often talked about as the world’s lightest mobility scooter, now equipped with electronic stability control for your peace of mind. It has been engineered with performance and functionality in mind, making the SupaScoota the best choice for most people.

The SupaScoota puts the joy back into the journey so you can focus on your destination.

These are the only scooters that can switch between SLA and Lithium batteries in a matter of seconds. Another function that makes the SupaScoota stand out from the crowd is the optional spare battery tray. When one battery runs out, you can simply plug into the spare, and double your travel distance.

One of the many outstanding features of the SupaScoota Range is the way it can be dismantled for storage or transportation.

The clever design allows the user to dismntle – when required – the scooter. The photos below show several ways the SupaScoota can be made lighter.

Remember, we’re not asking you to remove all parts every time. It’s only necessary to remove the appropriate sections, until the scooter is at a comfortable lifting weight.

In this photo (above), the seat has been removed. Once folded down, this should be manageable for most people to lift into a car or storage space.
If you do struggle to lift the SupaScoota with only the seat off, then to make life easier it can be made even lighter by removing the battery and splitting the wheelbase in half.

What if I’m still struggling to lift the scooter? Well, the wheels are removable too, making the scooter lighter still.

When the scooter is folded, it can be stored horizontal or upright in a small space or in a car boot.

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